About Us

Gray Jay Gifts has a simple mission:
To make gifting in the 21st century as effortless as possible, but for it to feel as if you spent hours designing a gift perfect for your recipient.

Meet Our Founder

Hi there! I'm Rima, all time gift admirer, mama of two, chocolate addict and known to be a totally creative nut. When I was young I used to watch my grandma handpick products to make the perfect personalized gifts for family. Her little elf (a.k.a me) used to be on her side at all times. She always had an extra gift tucked away for the "lucky one". Little did I know back then that I was always the lucky one!

I founded Gray Jay Gifts for the love of gift giving and for the lack of personalised, beautiful, fun and purposeful gifts in the market. When giving gifts I wanted more than the wasteful cellophane wrapped baskets. As I explored this need, I noticed others wanted a modern and effortless gifting experience too. Why name it Gray Jay? We source all our products from Canadian businesses and the Gray Jay is one of few birds that lives in every single province and territory in Canada.

Our website allows you to choose between expertly curated gift boxes or build your own box through our platform.

Let's Get to Gifting!

Rima Tabet | Gray Jay Gifts | Edmonton

Here is What we are passionate about

Supporting local

Supporting Local | Gray Jay Gifts | Edmonton

We source the finest Canadian products to provide unique beautiful gifts. Gray Jay gifts works with many small businesses all over Canada.

Creating Joy

Creating Joy | Gray Jay Gifts | Edmonton

A joyful giving experience is what we strive to deliver for all our customers (be it the gifter or reciever).


Sustainability | Gray Jay Gifts | Edmonton

We are constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint. Our gifts are made with keepsake boxes and all other design and packaging products are reusable or recyclable.